What is Pregnenolone?

Pregnenolone is a natural hormone that is produced in the brain, and is also available in supplement form. Pregnenolone helps improve memory and sleep, and may reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Pregnenolone may also help treat symptoms associated with arthritis and menopause.

According to research, scientists have determined that pregnenolone supplements can significantly help individuals reduce feelings of depression, as well as improve other cognitive functions, such as memory and alertness.(1)

How Does Pregnenolone Work?

As you age, your brain doesn’t produce as much pregnenolone, thus making it difficult for older individuals to maintain motivation, feel alert and awake, and have sexual interest. Pregnenolone is a potent hormone that is created by a conversion of cholesterols. This hormone acts as a precursor to other hormones, like estrogen and testosterone. In other words: pregnenolone helps other hormones be produced, which is needed to maintain overall health and well-being.

Pregnenolone supplements are easily absorbed by the body and immediately begin to protect your brain from neurological issues that may cause future health complications. By restoring proper order in the brain, pregnenolone is able to assist with your mood, sleep, and energy.

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