What is Pregnenolone Deficiency?

Pregnenolone deficiency oftentimes happens when the adrenal glands aren’t able to properly convert cholesterol into pregnenolone, which usually occurs as you age. Pregnenolone deficiency symptoms, such as decreased libido, reduced memory and alertness, and increased fatigue, may lead to other serious health complications.

Decreased Libido

Pregnenolone deficiency may lead to low sex hormones in men and women. According to research, as men and women get older, they tend to lose testosterone and estrogen, respectively, as well as pregnenolone, which is an essential precursor that helps produce feelings of sexual desire and energy. Having low sex hormones may lead to low self-confidence, lack of concentration, depression, and other mental health issues.

Reduced Memory & Alertness

Pregnenolone is a precursor hormone that is a valuable neurotransmitter in the brain. Pregnenolone deficiency can manifest itself as memory impairment, decreased awareness of surroundings, and unable to complete daily errands. According to scientists, pregnenolone supplement can help maintain healthy cognitive functions, including memory and alertness.(1)

Increased Fatigue

It is said that individuals with pregnenolone deficiency may experience fatigue, joint aches and pains, and overall muscle weakness. Increased fatigue makes it difficult to stay motivated, feel happy, or complete daily tasks. A pregnenolone supplement may help by stimulating hormone production that causes your mind to be awake, alert, and in good spirits.

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